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The Designer

The designer is where the magic happens. It is here that you’ll assemble and arrange the pieces of an individual page.

Basic Layout

The designer consists of 2 main sections. Elements/Apps located on the left hand sidebar and the design canvas encompassing the middle and majority of the screen.

Page Settings And Controls

On the bottom left hand side of the canvas you’ll find a few clickable icons and some buttons to configure and control the page and the designer.

Gear iconOpens the page properties on the left hand side, which lets you configure your page. Here you can set the aspect ratio and orientation of the page. You can also an exiting page to be used as a background. Most of you will not need to access this.
Grid iconDisplays a 20×20 pixel grid to help you align your elements. This is for design assistance only & will NOT appear on your channel.
Play iconIf you configured any animations on you elements, this lets you play the animations in the configured order.
Save & backSaves all changes and takes you back to the dashboard.
SaveSaves all changes and remain in the designer.
Back to dashboardDiscards all changes and takes you back to the dashboard.

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