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Display a Google or Microsoft Office365 Outlook calendar.


You can configure the app using the following properties:

Calendar providerSelect the type of calendar you want to include: a Google calendar or a Microsoft Office365 Outlook calendar.
Google Chrome account(Only for calender provider “Google”) The Google Chrome account of which you like to access the calendar. Add an account by pressing the + button.
Microsoft account(Only for calender provider “Microsoft”) The Microsoft Office365 account of which you like to access the calendar. Add an account by pressing the + button.
CalendarOftentimes an account has access to multiple calendars. Select the calendar you like to display the events of.
In case of a Microsoft calendar, this will also show the list of room resources in your Office365 account. This allows you to show the occupation of a room. Note that your Microsoft account needs to be configured as a delegate for the relevant room resource (in Office365) in order for you to have access to its calendar.
Start fromSets the number of days or weeks you like to “look into the future”. E.g. +2 days means show appointments from the day after tomorrow onwards.
Number of daysSets the number of days you like to display events of. So if today is May 3rd and, “start from” is set to +2 days and “number of days” is set to 5, then today the app will show all evens between May 5th and May 9th.
Show from(Only when “start from” is set to “week(s)”) Sets the day in the week from which you like to see the events, e.g. starting from Monday.
Week starts at(Only when “start from” is set to “week(s)”) Configure what the app is to consider the start of a new week (e.g. Sunday or Monday).
Hide past eventsMakes sure that past events are not shown.
Show locationAlso shows the location of the event (when present).
Show descriptionAlso shows the description of the event (when present).
Skip page when this app is emptyWhen enabled, the page this app is on will be skipped during playback when this app has no data to show.

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