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Select this element to add an image to your page.

Uploading & Selecting an Image

Once you click on the element your image catalog will appear. Here you will find images previously uploaded by you or other users on your account.

To upload a new image simply click the upload button or drag the file into the image catalog. Images must be in jpg, jpeg, png or gif format

After uploading you still need to select an image. Either double click the image or click once then click on the green “use selected image” button.


You can configure the element using the following properties:

Select imageOpens the image catalog into which you can upload images and from which you can pick an image to be shown on your page.
Border sizeIf you like a border around your image, select the desired size.
Border colorPick the border color of your choice.
StyleAdd a nice little touch to your image with some shadow effects. Try them to see which one you like.

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