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The Slideshow app will flip through all selected images at a selected interval. The images for a slideshow are all the images in a selected folder.

You can drag the app to the desired size. Images will always be fitted into this app’s outline. So this way you can mix landscape and portrait pictures while keeping them within the necessary bounds. You can also add multiple slideshows to a single page creating a slideshow collage.


You can configure the app using the following properties:

Selected image folderThe name of the folder from which the images are played.
Time per image (sec)The number of seconds an image is shown before flipping through to the next.
Play in random orderGo through the images in random order.
Border sizeIf you like a border around your image, select the desired size.
Border colorPick the border color of your choice.
Transition animationSet the animation for the transition between images: none (instant transition), fade, rotate horizontally or rotate vertically.
StyleAdd a nice little touch to your image with some shadow effects. Try them to see which one you like.
Skip page when this app is emptyWhen enabled, the page this app is on will be skipped during playback when this app has no data to show.

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