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Add your own static text to your page.

As soon as you select a text element, you can edit the text directly within the page itself. You can still drag the element by grabbing on to the edges of the element.

To move the text element you must move your mouse to an edge to reveal an icon with 4 arrows. When you see this icon you can move the entire text element


In addition to the property box on the side, the text element also opens up a separate text edit toolbar.

With this toolbar you can modify the following properties of pieces of text:

Font familySets the font type.
Font sizeSets the text size relative to the overall text size.
ColorLet’s you set both the text color as well as the background color of selected text. Note that the first row of the color selector contains last used colors. The second row contains the company’s default color palette. Row 3 to 6 contain a default color palette.
StyleLet’s you display your text in bold, italic, underlined, strike through, subscript or superscript.
AlignLet’s you align the text left, center, right or justified.
Ordered listLet’s you create an ordered list with numbers, characters, etc.
Unordered listLet’s you create an unordered list with bullets, dots, etc.
Indent / outdentLet’s you indent and outdent text.
TableInsert a table. In the inserted table you can change several display options. With the mouse cursor you can also change column widths.
EmoticonsInsert an emoji. Note that this might not display correctly on older web browsers (e.g. in certain older Smart TVs).
Undo / redoUndo/redo text edits.

On the left hand side you can configure the overall settings of the element using the following properties:

Overall text sizeSets the base text size of the whole element.
Line spacingSets the space between you lines.
Add some shadowWorks like the generic property, but it is worth mentioning that this only works on the entire text and not the currently selected snippet of text.

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