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Time & Countdown

Display the current time of the configured location on your screen. Or configure a timer to countdown to a specific date and time.


You can configure the app using the following properties:

TypeSelect either to show a regular clock or a countdown clock.
CityThe time defaults to the time zone set for your company or a specific player. You only need to specify the city if you want to show the time in that location or the corresponding time zone. Start typing the name of the location and wait for the list of matching locations to pop up. Select the desired location.
Show secondsShow or hide seconds.
Target date and time(Only for type “Countdown”) The date and time to countdown to.
Text at countdown end(Only for type “Countdown”) When the countdown reaches 0, this text will be shown instead of the counter.
Preview message(Only for type “Countdown”) Let’s you preview the message that will be shown when the countdown reaches 0.

And finally there are a number of generic app properties that 

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