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There are many ways to incorporate video onto a page. The video element uploads your video directly to our system. Although you can it support large file sizes we recommend using this method for shorter videos only. 15 minutes or less is a good guideline. For longer videos we recommend using Youtube or Vimeo. You will find it is simply more efficient and faster to upload and convert large video files using one of these services.

Similar to the image element, clicking on video will add a blank video element to the page and open your video catalog. To use a previously uploaded video simply double click on it or click one then select “use selected video”.

Uploading a new video

A video must be in mp4 or webM format to be uploaded. We highly recommend webM as the file size is significantly smaller without any loss in quality. If you don’t have something to convert your video, we recommend using Miro converter. It is a simple, drag and drop converter.


You can configure the element using the following properties:

Select videoOpens the video catalog into which you can upload videos and from which you can pick video to be shown on your page.
Start playing at (sec)Configure how many seconds into the video it should start playing.
When page is shownSelect what the video should do when the page is shown (during playback):Play once from beginning: when the page is shown, video playback will begin from the time configured in “Start playing at (sec)”. When playback ends, the app will turn black. Continue playing: when the page is shown, continue playing the video from the position where it was last stopped.
Move to next page when video endsEnabling this option will make a playlist automatically advance to the next page when the video ends. This way you don’t have to specify an exact playback duration for this page in the playlist editor. Note: When you select this option you will not see the duration listed in your playlist for this page.
VolumeIf you like to include audio, simply set the appropriate playback volume. We recommend a volume of 80 or higher for normal playback. Keep volume at zero for video backgrounds.

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