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Add a YouTube video to your page, by simply copying and pasting the web address (URL) of the video. There are several ways to incorporate YouTube into your Channel’s content.

  • Normal, like we normally watch a YouTube video
  • As a background. Tons of great videos that can add a video or motion background to your page
  • For audio. Read our section on using YouTube videos for background music.

Important: Always test a video to ensure the owner has allowed for its use outside of YouTube. If it plays in the page, it will play on your channel


You can configure the app using the following properties:

Web address of video or playlistGo to YouTube and navigate to the video or playlist of your choice. Simply copy the YouTube web address you see in your browser’s address bar and paste it in this input field to load the video or playlist into your page. Please note: it is also possible to specify multiple videos in the web address, see the paragraph below.
Closed captions (if available)Show/hide closed captions that match your company’s content language setting or the language configured on the specific registered playback device. If no closed captions are available in the current content language, then none are shown.
Start playing at (sec)Configure how many seconds into the video it should start playing. This option is not available when the web address of the video specifies multiple videos.
When page is shownSelect what the video should do when the page is shown (during playback):
Play once from beginning: when the page is shown, start video playback from the time configured in “Start playing at (sec)”. When playback ends, the app will turn black.
Continue playing: when the page is shown, continue playing the video from the position where it was last stopped.This option is not available when the web address of the video specifies multiple videos.
Move to next page when video endsEnabling this option will make a playlist advance to the next page when the video ends. This way you don’t have to specify an exact playback duration for this page in the playlist editor.
Play in random order(Only for playlists) Go through the videos in the YouTube playlist in random order.
VolumeIf you like to include the sound of the video, simply set the appropriate playback volume.

Using YouTube Playlists

When using the web address of a video contained in a playlist (copying the web address of a video that is part of a playlist) or of a playlist (copying the web address of the page of a playlist in YouTube) the YouTube app will assume the intention is to play all videos in the playlist. The Properties of the YouTube app will show an informational message when this is the case. The playlist part of the web address can easily be identified. It is the part of the web address that starts with ‘list=’ followed by a code consiting of letters, numbers and dashes or underscores. It ends at a ‘&’ or the end of the web address.

When multiple videos are specified in the web address field these videos are all played from the start of the list to the last video in the list each being played from start to finish. When the whole list has been played, playback is resumed from the first video in the list.

If it is not your intention to play the videos of a playlist and only want to play one video; make sure to remove the ‘list=playlist-id’ part of the web address. Please note that you do not remove the ‘&’ following the playlist ID since that is not part of the playlist ID. Make sure the web address contains a ‘v=’ followed by a code consisting of letters, numbers, dashes or underscores. This part of the web address specifies the video you want to show.

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