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The Dashboard

After logging in, you are taken to your Community Channel’s dashboard. From here you can create and publish your content.

Note: This image is of our newly designed dashboard rolled out on April 1st. Email to our support team if you would like to be migrated to the new dashboard.

Basic Building Blocks

The Dashboard consists of 3 sections:

  • Pages: the individual slides with information
  • Playlists: playback sequence, duration and scheduling of pages
  • Channels: The channels or displays your playlist will be assigned to

Click on any of the panels to expand them and see your collections of pages, playlists and channels inside.

Other Sections

While on the dashboard, you can quickly access other sections from the main menu at the top of the page:

  • Settings (Admins only): here you can manage users, dashboards, playback devices, active screen overview, etc. We have disabled access to this for most users to avoid accidental deletion of anything important.
  • Help: takes you to this documentation
  • Blog: to read up on the latest news and tips for your Community TV Channel
  • Contact: information on how to get in touch with us

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