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You’ve assembled your playlists and now it’s time to assign them to a channel.

Channels have much in common with regular TV channels where various shows scheduled at different time slots. Here we are replacing a TV show with one of your Playlists. Under the channel you see its name. This name should be set to help identify the playback location such as an actual channel number or physical location such as clubhouse.

Adding and Removing Playlists

To add a playlist simply drag it into the Channel icon. When adding playlists you will be given the option to schedule it. This is explained in the Scheduling section.

To remove simply drag it out or hit the trash can icon to remove it. This will not delete the playlist.

Channel Information

Channel Name – This is at the bottom of the Channel’s icon

Channel Activity – The circular indicator to the left will be green if your channel’s content is currently being played. It will also tell you how many devices are currently displaying the channel’s content. This is the hardware we’ve provided and NOT the the number of viewers. If indicator is Grey this means the playback device is either powered down or is no longer connected to the internet.

Current playlist – Towards the top you will find the name of the playlist currently being played on that channel.

Preview Links – Under the current playlist’s name you will find 3 clickable items. From left to right is the channel preview link, the channel’s URL, and a sharable link that plays for up to 30 minutes. Note: The channel’s URL should NOT be shared. This is used only for special network administration needs if needed.

Restart Playback

You also have the option to restart the playback of the channel on all playback devices by clicking the channel and selecting “restart” from the popup menu. All playback devices assigned to that channel will restart their playback within a few minutes.

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