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So you’ve created a number of pages. Now you want to create a “slideshow” of them. We call that a “playlist”. A playlist is a sequence of pages, each with a certain playback duration. When playing a playlist, it will show each page in the configured sequence. When it finishes showing the last page, it will loop back again to the first page and start playing over again.


Add a page to a playlist by simply dragging a page onto the icon of a playlist. The page will be added to the end of the playlist If the playlist is open already, you can immediately drag the page into the desired spot.

Change the order of pages by simply dragging them to their desired position in the playlist.

Remove/Delete a page by dragging it out of the playlist.

Preview a Playlist – click a playlist and select the “Edit” option you can preview a playlist by clicking the “Preview” button.

Page Durations – The “Edit playback durations” button lets you set the playback durations of each individual page in seconds. Default is 15 seconds.

Note: If a page doesn’t not have an editable duration it’s because of a video where you’ve already selected the page play until its end then transition to the next page.

Page Transitions – Lastly, you can also select the desired page transition. It is important to note that if you are using a sequence of pages with a common background page in your playlist, that a fade transition is always used between those pages, regardless of what transition you select here.

Foreground Page

You might have noticed the special “Optional foreground page” slot on the right hand side. This is a special slot into which you can drag a page that is always shown in front of all other pages during playback. You can visualize this as a layer that permanently sits on top of all other pages in the playlist; the elements on that layer will be shown on top of the other pages.

Since a foreground page is permanently present during playback of a playlist, it is very well suited for elements that need to play permanently, like background music, date, time, logo or a ticker with news, rss or custom data.

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