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You can schedule your content to only be shown in a certain period, on certain weekdays and/or between certain times. You can do this on two levels:

  1. within a playlist you can schedule individual pages
  2. within a channel you can schedule individual playlists

Scheduling Pages

Within a playlist, you can set a playback schedule for individual pages. That means you can control when a page within an active playlist should be shown or not. To configure this, click on a page in the playlist and select the gear icon. This opens a dialog box in which you can “Limit the moments of playback of this page”. Check this off to open the scheduling menu.

FromThe date and time from which this page should be eligible to be shown. Leave empty if the page is to start playing immediately.
throughThe last day and time on which the page should be eligible to be shown. Leave empty to set it to “until the end of time”.
on weekdaysThe only days on which the page should be eligible to be shown (those are the green boxes).
betweenThe time of day from which this page should be eligible to be shown.
andThe time of day until which this page should be eligible to be shown.

Page Schedule indicator

When scheduled, you will see a clock icon on the page in the playlist. Hover over the icon to see the schedule details. The clock is color coded with explanations at the bottom of this page.

Scheduling Playlists

When adding a Playlist to a channel, the channel’s scheduler will open automatically. Here you can set the Playlist to run continuously or set it to play incidentally (scheduled). To change the scheduling of an existing playlist click on the pencil icon.

If multiple playlists are scheduled continuously or for the same time slot, they will play in the order listed. You can change the order by dragging a playlist up or down.

Delete a playlist from the schedule by clicking on the trash can icon, or by simply dragging it out of the schedule.

Incidental Cutoff

By default an Incidental playlist will wait until the current page is finished playing. This is not to be confused with waiting until the end of the current playlist. Just the page that is on the screen at the exact time the incidental playlist is scheduled to start. You can change this so that it’s a hard cutover to the new playlist regardless of what is currently on the screen.

Color Coding

GreenThe playlist/page is currently eligible to be shown.
OrangeSchedule falls within the date range but it does not fall on the current day of the week or in the right time slot.
BlackThe playlist/page is only eligible to be shown in the future.
GreyThe playlist/page was only eligible to be shown in the past.

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