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Finding Images

Transparent Images – Click here for Preconfigured transparent Image Search

It is recommended to use transparent images to avoid what we refer to as the “postage stamp effect”. A transparent images has no border or background allowing it to blend in with a page’s background. A non transparent image will often have a white border thus looking like you stuck a stamp onto your page.

To search for these images you want to set your Google image search settings

Below is an image of a Halloween Page where we want to add a Jack O Lantern. To the left is a standard Jack O Lantern image & to the right is one where the search color was set to Transparent.

Background Images – Click here for preconfigured background search

If you wish to use an image as a background there a few things to consider.

  • Image needs to be a large enough resolution – 1920 x 1080 is ideal. Click on “Tools” and set “Size” to “Large” as indicated in the image below.
  • Orientation should be rectangular similar to a Television screen.
  • Use the word wallpaper or background in conjunction with your search term. Example: “Halloween wallpaper”
  • Avoid images with a lot going on in the center. A good background image should look like it’s framing your content
  • Select something dark to contrast with the recommend light colored text.

Below are the search results for Halloween Wallpaper with the size setting set to large. Of these Images, the 3rd & 4th image on the first row are your best choices. Although the first image on the second row is dark and the right size, it has too much going on in the middle.

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