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Live Streaming

To broadcast live, your meeting or event must be encoded and sent to a live video server. Live Streaming is not enabled by default as it takes time to set the server up. Please let us know if you like this enabled and the date of your first live event. There is no additional charge for Live Streaming.

Note: Live streaming has a 20-30 second delay. You can always purchase low latency hosting through providers such as wowza, dacast or similar.

Initial Setup

1. Download OBS – OBS is an encoding application that allows you to select either a window on your desktop or input device to be sent to our server. Click here to download OBS.

2. Import OBS Settings – A settings profile will be emailed to you with all the server settings preconfigured. Click here to request an OBS profile. Takes 2-3 business days

  • Download the zip file that was emailed to you onto your desktop
  • Unzip the file. There is now a folder with the same name on your desktop
  • Launch OBS
  • At the top of the OBS screen, select profile then import.
  • Now select the folder you just unzipped onto your desktop

3a. Select Source – Now you need to tell OBS what is to be streamed live

  • Launch the conferencing or other app you plan an using for your meeting or event.
  • Double Click “Window Capture”
  • Select the appropriate window from the dropdown. There may be 2 with the same name. Try them all until you get the right picture to be streamed.
  • If you don’t see what needs to be streamed. Change the window & capture method drop downs until you do.
  • Hit ok and your settings are now saved.
  • If the image is too large you can resize or reposition with your mouse in the center of the OBS preview window.

Start of your Live event

  1. Start your meeting app. (5-10 minutes before event start)
  2. Start OBS and click the “Start Streaming” button.
  3. Log in to your dashboard
  4. Playlist has already been created for you and is on your dashboard.
  5. Drag the Live Stream playlist to your channel and set schedule to “Incidentally”.
  6. Enter meeting date along with the start and end times.
  7. Click on the channel icon and hit restart

End of your Live event

  1. End of meeting – Remove the playlist from the channel by dragging it off the playback list. This is done to avoid dead air due to variable meeting lengths.
  2. Click channel Icon and restart.


We do not sell or install equipment for live streaming but here are some resources and suggestions.

  • Equipment vendor – We recommend going through B & H photo or Video Conference Store
  • If using a seperate camera we highly recommend purchasing a tripod. The best $30 you could spend.
  • Don’t forget about microphones. Look for the puck style table top models.

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