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Background Music

There are essentially 2 methods of inserting music onto your channel.

  • MP3 Stream – This is done by simply adding the stream element to each page that should have background music or to the foreground page of a playlist so that it plays the entire duration of a playlist. Read our help section for the MP3 element for how to use and the challenges with MP3 streams.
  • YouTube – This is by far the easiest method and what we will review here. Simply add a Youtube element to a new or existing foreground page.

Add or Change Background Music

1- Visit youtube.com and search for a lengthy video of the desired music genre.  Pick something that’s a couple of hours long.  You can also use a Youtube playlist. Either one that’s already created or create your own.

Copy the web address of the video or playlist you want to use.  Make sure you’re on youtube’s site and not in your browser’s search results. 

2. Even though we refer to it as background music, we use a foreground page of a playlist to add it to a channel.    The foreground page is separated from the other pages in your playlist as shown below.

3. Click on the foreground page and select edit. If you do not have a foreground page then create a new page with a Youtube element in a corner as illustrated in step 4.

4. In a corner, usually the bottom left, you will find a youtube video that’s been mostly moved off the viewing area with just a little bit exposed.  Click on the exposed portion so you can edit its parameters.

5. On the left hand side of the editor you can now paste the address of the video or playlist you want to use.  After you paste the new web address, hit enter.  Make sure you’ve set the video to “Continue Playing” and have the volume at 80 or higher.

6. Now click the play button directly next to it to video’s web address.  If you hear music then you’ve done everything correctly . If you did not hear anything it is most likely because the owner of the video has not allowed its use outside of YouTube’s site.   Please select an alternate video and paste.

When you’re done editing hit “Save and back”. If you’re updating an existing page then you are done. If this is a new page then add it to your playlist by dragging it into the foreground slot. It may take up to 15 minutes for the new music to start playing. 

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