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Manage Pages

Your website consists of a series of pages. Here we will review how to do 5 key things:

  • Copy Pages
  • Reorder Pages
  • Organize Subpages
  • Hide Pages
  • Delete Pages

Copy Pages

A page can be copied and used as the basis for a new page. To do this, just select the Pages tab and select the page you want to copy from your list of pages in the sidebar, then use the Copy button to generate a copy of the page.

This will generate a new page at the bottom of your list of pages. This new page will have the same name as the original page.Click on the page to add a new name and to make additional changes. Then hit Done.

Reorder Pages

As you add pages to your site, they will appear in the Pages list in the sidebar, and also they’ll automatically become part of your site’s navigation bar. Where a page appears on this Pages list directly controls where it appears in the navigation.

You can rearrange the order of the pages by clicking and dragging them up and down the Pages list. Dragging a page to the top of the list will make that page your Home (though you can name it whatever you’d like). Changing the order of pages in the list will also change the order in which they’re displayed in the navigation.

Organize Subpages

As the number of pages you add outgrows the space on your navigation bar, additional pages will automatically be categorized under a tab labeled More.

A better option to avoid a catchall like this one, is to create subpages. To do this, just drag a page or pages underneath and to the right of another page.  The navigation menu will show your main pages, and when you hover over them, your sub-pages will appear in a drop-down menu below them.

Hide Pages

Sometimes you may not want pages to appear in your navigation menu at all. To a hide a page from the navigation menu, open the Pages list by selecting the Pages tab, choose the page and check the “Hide in Navigation” box.

Taking this action with a page simply means it won’t show up in the navigation menu. However, the page is still live, and you can still create a link to send visitors to the page.

But why hide a page at all? If you have dozens and dozens of pages, showing all those pages in the navigation could be overwhelming for your visitors. Hiding some of the less important pages and linking to them from the content area of your site is a way to keep the navigation area clean and easy to, well, navigate.

Delete Pages

If you would rather delete a page entirely, just select that page from the Pages list in the sidebar, then hit delete at the bottom of the options listed.

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