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Publish Your Site

Now that you’ve added some basic content to your site, this is a pretty good time Publish it. To do so, just use the Publish button in the upper right corner of the editor.

This will bring up a verification box, letting you know your site has been Published.

Congrats! Your website is now live.

But Publishing your site isn’t the end.

Ultimately, you can update your site as often as you want. Make edits to text, add SEO tags, create new pages, change your theme, and every time you want those changes to appear on your live site, hit Publish.


If you’ve published your site, but decide you were a bit too hasty, that is a simple fix too.

Under Settings, then General, at the bottom of the page we show you the last time you published, as well as giving you the option to Un-Publish your site. When you decide you’re ready for people to view your site again, just click Publish. It’s that simple.

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