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Invite Users

Inviting New Members

Inviting new members instead of having them register on the site allows for greater control as to who can access restricted pages.

You can invite new members using the Add Member button found under Settings > Members.

Enter an Email Address and their Name. Then choose if you’d like to send an email invite that’ll allow them to sign-up. If you don’t send them an email invite, you’ll need to provide them with the sign-up link (we’ll show you where this link can be found at the end of the article).

You can also select pages you’d like them to be able to access or groups you’d like them to be part of before adding them as a member.  

Finish up, by clicking Add Member. They’re now officially a Member of your site. But before they can log in, they’ll need to follow the link that was sent them from the email invite. If you didn’t send them an email invite (or they didn’t receive it), you can find the Invite Link next to their name in your Members List.

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