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Member Only Access

Limiting Page Visibility to Members

You can change each page’s visibility so that it is password protected, or so that only certain members or groups can see that page. You can view and change this setting by selecting the Pages tab, selecting your page in the Pages sidebar, and clicking Visibility.

Changing this setting allows you to limit access to any page so that only registered members (or even just certain registered members) can see it.

Select Members Individually

If you set a page to only be accessible to specific Members or Groups, then you’ll need to choose which Members / Groups will be able to view the page.

The Select Members button will display your entire list of members so you can select specific individuals who will be allowed access to the page. This is really only useful if you have a small number of members.

Select Entire Group

The Select Groups button gives you more control over larger numbers of people by enabling you to provide access to a group (or groups) of members you’ve previously created. Learn how to create groups here. 

Once you’ve limited visibility in this way (and republished your site), only the members or groups you’ve selected will be able to access the page.

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