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User Registration

This article covers how to add a registration option to your site.

There are two ways someone can become a member of your site:

  • By signing up through a registration link on your site.
  • By you manually inviting them to become a member.

Activate a registration option for your site, by going to Settings > Members and clicking the “Allow people to register with your site” checkbox.

This will turn your site’s Log In link into a Log In / Register link next time you Publish your site. Simple as that.

There are two other options connected to User Registration that you may want to use. The first of these allows you to Require Approval for any new members. If you turn this on, no registrant is able to access members-only pages of your site until you approve them via the Members list in Settings.

You can also set a Default Group for New Members. Any registrants will automatically become a part of this Group. It’s a good idea to do this if you’re using groups to control access to your pages.

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